Sunday, May 9, 2010

This is funny.

This video is very funny, I don't know how they do it. It is called the Turkey Rap. Those two guys aren't using any instruments or turkey calls.




2 Week's ago was Dad's birthday, he hit the big 56!!! He didn't know a thing about it until every one showed up, and Mom told him...Surprise!!! So here are some photo's of the big event.

( Left to right) Junebug, Henry, and Dad were told to do this funny shot of hear no evil, speak no evil, and see no evil. I think every one was laughing at them when they did it. The Food was a big hit of course, here is Aaron filling his plate while every one was taking photos. This one is of Mike Hossom, Dad, and Sam hossom. This is Jojo, Wanda, and Johnette
Here is Dakota ( as usual eating LOL), Me, Richard, and Carla

Mom and Kristy

Also the pool table was a big hit, I think I played 30 games with in 3 hours.Here is Kristy, Shela, Dad, and Ls.

This is some of the Thomas Family, (top, left to right) Miss Wendy, and Rachel. (Bottom, left to right) Phoebe, and Gloria.
By the time it was all over, we were all tired, but it was a good tired.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Leave it to "Beaver"

Here are some beaver photo's taken yesterday. The photo above is of Mama beaver, and This is baby beaver. The Cherry family had come over for a visit,and we went down to the creek where Logan promptly caught a baby beaver with his bare hands!!!I think Logan's new nickname is Beaver.

Here is me holding it, and he showed me how much he liked it by leaving a mess in my hand! GRRR

OK, When do we start rebuilding Noah's Ark

MAN, What a gully washer of a rain we've had the last two day's, but it was a good test to see if my cabin site will flood, and it passed the test!! Here are some photo's of the flooding around here. The photo above is of our woods right below my cabin site.
This photo was taken on Old mount Lebanon Rd, notice the mail box

This is... or was the new Mount Lebanon Rd bridge.