Thursday, February 28, 2013

This is why I am trying to grow almost all of my food

When I came in for lunch this afternoon, I clicked on Netflix, and found this documentary, and I felt that I should share it.

Instead of having the ham sandwich from the local market, I made myself a salad, and didn't add any of the dressing, after reading the ingredients.

 This revived my goal of trying to "eat what I grow& grow what I eat."

Spring hammer-in

Greetings to all blacksmith's located in and around the Comonwealth of Kentucky.

This letter is to inform you that Chase Saxton of "Blacksmith of the Bluegrass" is holding a "hammer-in" at his shop in Scottsville Ky, on the third Saturday of March at 9:00 am. Scottsville is a short drive off of the I-65 exit #2 for those coming from Northern Ky, or Tn

 We will have demo's by Chase Saxton, & Dave Custer of "Fiery Furnace Forge LLC", and after which we will have lunch, and then just some good ol'e forging and talking.  We will have several forges, but we encourage smith's, who have a small portable forge/work station of their own, to please bring it, also if anyone has a shade tent, please bring that as well. Thank you.

For lunch, we will be serving pizza, Coke, and good ole southern sweet tea, but if you would like something besides pizza, you are welcome to bring your own lunch. For those who will be having pizza, the cost is $6.00, and please let Chase know, so that we know how many pizza's to get.

 If you plan on attending, please email me back, let me know if you will be having pizza, and if you have your own portable forge/work station.

Hope to see you soon!!!!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Forging a memory

Just did something fun this evening.

I made some modifications to my forge hood to make it draw better, and after that, I had to do some forging. you know, gotta make sure the forge hood works better. ;)
But by that time, it was getting dark, and my shop doesn't have any electric lighting in it since we had to take it down when we put up the ceiling insulation.

So I worked by the firelight of the forge, and when it got REALLY dark, I lit a candle and set it on the far side of my anvil.  It was a humble reminder of how this craft hasn't changed much over the course of time, and of my humble beginnings in my small log blacksmith shop.

Made a nice leaf key fob/ necklace pendant too, but more importantly, I forged a memory that will last a life time.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hammer pics

Here are just a few photo's of the hammers Dave Custer, and I made yesterday. Video coming soon!!!!!!!!!!!!! So stay tuned!!!!!

This is what 13 hours of hard work looks like!!!!

Dave, looking over the day's (and night's) work

Hammer waiting to be tempered.


Monday, February 18, 2013

Making more hammers

Well I made it over to Fiery Furnace Forge Blacksmith shop, in Columbia Ky, where my good friend Dave Custer lives.
After work at my part time job in town, I headed over here so that we could forge more "Brian Brazeal" style rounding hammers, and hot cuts.
After eating a WONDERFUL supper made by his Mom, we headed down to the shop, hoping to make 2 hammers before 10:00 pm. We got off to a good start on one, but about 45 minutes into the hammer, the drift got stuck in the eye of the hammer after forging the "cheeks". After 40 minutes of trial, error and a LOT of hammering, we finally got the drift out!!!!!! So unfortunately we only got one hammer made by 10, so  that means a LOT more forging tomorrow.
Hopefully that won't happen again!!!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The loss of an old friend

Well yall, last week was a sad week here on the farm, as the large maple tree in our front yard was severly damaged by straight line winds. The damage was so bad that we had to have it cut down. :(   We are guessing that it was about 350 + years old.
 I did how ever manage to save 3 pieces, 2 for large butcher blocks, and the main trunk for a large work bench for my shop.
  We were also able to cut all the limbs up for firewood, so that it wasn't a total loss, it made about 8 ricks (4 cords) of fire wood. More than enough to last the rest of this winter, and a good start for next winters wood supply.
 Today, Dad and I moved some of the other large chunk of wood that were to big for firewood, and to awkward to use for workbenches (or any thing else for that matter). To do this, we used our New Holland TT60A (figured we better move those chunks before we sell the tractor, since we are getting a smaller one), and let me tell you, the last chunk was a real CHUNK!!!!!!! We guessed it weighed around 4,000 lbs, and in moving it, Dad almost rolled the tractor over, but I jumped over on the wheel that was rising, and he was able to lower the front end loader at about the same time, so all ended well.
Here are some photo's of cutting the tree down and moving the CHUNK.

The CHUNK!!!!!

The welds on that hook is holding all the weight of that CHUNK. So I guess I am a good welder.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Tractor for sale

We are selling our New Holland TT60A 4x4 tractor with front end loader.

Here is a video of it running
And here is our craigslist add

Let me know if yall are interested, contact info is on the craigslist add.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Snow Photo's

Last night we got about 1.5 inches of snow, so this mornin, I could stop myself from going out and taking some photo's around the farm.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Hammer and Forge

Hey yall,

Just wanted to share some photo's of a forge I just finished fabricating, and a hammer that Dave and I forged, with a handle that I custom fitted for it.

Side view showing the tong rack.

Instead of making a clinker breaker, I installed a cast iron grate.

when I first got back from Dave's, I invested in a new tool for the wood working shop, a RIGID belt sander. It has saved me a LOT of time and effort, in making the handles for the hammers.

Here are some photo's of the hammers we made, with a handle I made using the belt sander.

I currently have the forge and hammer seen in this blog post for sale on my ebay store. If you are interested, or know some one who maybe interested in purchasing one, or both of them, just email me at