Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The loss of an old friend

Well yall, last week was a sad week here on the farm, as the large maple tree in our front yard was severly damaged by straight line winds. The damage was so bad that we had to have it cut down. :(   We are guessing that it was about 350 + years old.
 I did how ever manage to save 3 pieces, 2 for large butcher blocks, and the main trunk for a large work bench for my shop.
  We were also able to cut all the limbs up for firewood, so that it wasn't a total loss, it made about 8 ricks (4 cords) of fire wood. More than enough to last the rest of this winter, and a good start for next winters wood supply.
 Today, Dad and I moved some of the other large chunk of wood that were to big for firewood, and to awkward to use for workbenches (or any thing else for that matter). To do this, we used our New Holland TT60A (figured we better move those chunks before we sell the tractor, since we are getting a smaller one), and let me tell you, the last chunk was a real CHUNK!!!!!!! We guessed it weighed around 4,000 lbs, and in moving it, Dad almost rolled the tractor over, but I jumped over on the wheel that was rising, and he was able to lower the front end loader at about the same time, so all ended well.
Here are some photo's of cutting the tree down and moving the CHUNK.

The CHUNK!!!!!

The welds on that hook is holding all the weight of that CHUNK. So I guess I am a good welder.

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