Sunday, June 23, 2013

A "Little" Surprise

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Jeep Stories & Makin Hay

Hey yall,

I know I have't been on here much, but I  been SOOOOOO busy with the new construction business!!!! It seams that my life right now is, get up at 4:30-5:00, work on the house at 7:00 to 3:30, go home and work till dark on the farm, go to bed, and do it all again. But I am thankful for the work!!!!!!!!!

Also the jeep is at the repair shop...................... That didn't take long did it?  LOL  So far it's broken down on me twic, once on Saturday down on the low water bridge and another time on the highway on my way to the construction site.

At the low water bridge, the jeep was running GREAT one second, and the next, it just died and wouldn't start back, so me and three friends (who had walked down there earlier) pushed it off the side of the road. One of them said "I think it's the injectors", when she said that I about died laughing. Oh well, she won't be a mechanic. LOL Then a cop pulls up and asks if I'm broke down................ Thought about sayin, "naw man, I'm just sitting here tryin to start my jeep for no reason", I didn't say it, but I was temped!!!!! ;)  After he found out that we all had phones, he went on a call with the promise of coming back. And he did about an hour later (we were still sittin there tryin to figure out what was wrong with it), he just sat there in his car watching me work on the jeep with make-shift tools. Finally I asked him if he had a tool kit in his car, and he did, so while I worked on it some more, he looked through my jeep, and ran my license plate!!!!! That kinda irked me and my friends, but I didn't really care. Then after trying to start it again, he say's "I think your battery is dead".................. ok, it doesn't take a mechanic to know that if your engine is turning over, that the battery isn't dead!!!!..... It was all I could do to keep from laughing. By this point, I gave the took kit back to the cop, and told him that I would get my dad to come and tow me home, so he just said "ok" and left. After that one of the girls walked up the road to get her dad and a tool kit, and after he and I worked on if for about a hour, all it turned out to be was a blown fuse!!!!!!! I think he and I both were frustrated with ourselves for not checking that first!!! LOL oh well.

Unfortunately the second time it broke down, it wasn't such a easy fix. I was on my way to the job site going as fast as the jeep would go (50mph), when it started making a bad clicking sound, and by the time I was 1/2 mile down the road the clicking was a LOUD rattling shaking the whole jeep. That time Dad did have to come get me, and I think it was a throw out bearing going out. So right now it is in the repair shop getting a new clutch, pressure plate, slave cylinder, and throw out bearing.

Also, dad finally broke down and bought a square hay baler!!!!!!  Since all the roads to all our fields need seriously needs repair, so thankfully our neighbor gave us the hay in his field. So we paid a gentleman to cut and rake the hay, since we don't have a mowing machine, and rake. The hay we got is good quality, and we put up 180 in the 4 acre field.