Thursday, January 16, 2014

Taking another step

Well this past week has been a crazy one. On Tuesday we hired a local gentleman to come cut down all the tree's. Dad and I had marked 45 tree's. The plan was to let him drop the tree's, and then me go behind him and cut all the limbs and tops out.
 We started cutting at 8:30 Tuesday morning, and by 3:00 we had cut and topped over 50 tree's!!!! I was amazed, and worn out. At that point all I wanted to do was take a shower and go to bed, but just as I got in the house, I got a alert on my phone telling me that a item had sold on my eBay store. Turns out it was a item that I hand forge, and didn't have any in stock. so I had to stay up till 10:00-10:30 forging. I was one tired boy, let me tell ya, I don't even remember coming in the house that night.
 Then we spent yesterday skidding trees up to the building site. All in all we were able to get 16 trees up to the mill.
 I plan on spending today running the sawmill...... but I'm heading out there until it warms up, and I get about 3 more cups of coffee in me.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Finally some snow around here

It's about time we got some snow around here!!! But we also have had to deal with some sever cold weather. 
I had built a shelter for the horses in the back pasture, but on the night when all the snow moved in, there was some extremely high winds. When I checked on them the next morning, the shelter was blown over on it's side, and was frozen to the ground!  
 For about 3-4 day's, the high never got about 9 degree's, and the creek had frozen over thick enough that I was able to walk on it!! I've lived in Kentucky all my life, and I have never seen it get and stay this cold.
Here are some photo's I took around the farm.

View from my bedroom window

2 day's after this photo was taken, this creek was frozen solid

Out feeding the horses

All the snow put a halt on the house building project.   :(