Friday, December 30, 2011

Pouring concrete

well today was a busy day!!!!!!!
Thankfully we got the footer for the barn foundation, and wood furnace pad pourd with out any mishap.
But we weren't so lucky when it came to digging for water line...... We hit the sewer line!!!!! I hate it when that happens.
Here are some photo's that I was able to take while we were working.


New computer

Well not exactly..... It is called an ASUS Transformer, it is a touch screen tablet that when attached to its docking station turns in to a small laptop.
I traded my iphone 4 for it, Dad says that is the best trade I have made on electronics so far, and I agree. With this I have the best of both worlds, a touch screen tablet, and a laptop.
Here are some photo's of it.

I'm still here

Hey there every one. Well I know that I haven't been to good about keeping yall updated on what has been going on here on the farm, but we have been SOOOOOOOO busy that when we come in at night the last thing i want to do is get on the computer, so i thought i would get up early this morning and tell yall what has been going on. Its still dark outside =0
Yesterday we got the footer dug for  the barn foundation, and built a pad for the outdoor wood furnace we are to go get this morning. I am REALY excited about this wood furnace. It is suposed to heat the house, hot water, the shop, and the green house!!!!!!!! No more frost on the anvil in the morning when i first go to the shop in the winter!!!!!! I am not sure but I think it's a pretty good trip to go get the wood furnace, I think Dad told me that is was in Shelbyville, Tn, the trip will allow me to take a few much needed naps ;)
But before we go get the furnace, we are going to pour the concrete for the barn footer, and the pad for the wood furnace.

Here are some photo's of all the excavation work here on the farm.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

We're Workin Now!!!

Today started pretty cold and frosty here on the farm!!!! Here are some photo's I took this mornin before we started working.

A couple of weeks ago Dad ordered an underground 1,000 gallon LP tank, and we were able to get it installed today. Here is a photo run of digging the hole, installation, and filling the hole.

It took most of the day to get that done, but we hope to get started on digging out the foundation for the barn tomorrow.