Friday, December 30, 2011

Pouring concrete

well today was a busy day!!!!!!!
Thankfully we got the footer for the barn foundation, and wood furnace pad pourd with out any mishap.
But we weren't so lucky when it came to digging for water line...... We hit the sewer line!!!!! I hate it when that happens.
Here are some photo's that I was able to take while we were working.


New computer

Well not exactly..... It is called an ASUS Transformer, it is a touch screen tablet that when attached to its docking station turns in to a small laptop.
I traded my iphone 4 for it, Dad says that is the best trade I have made on electronics so far, and I agree. With this I have the best of both worlds, a touch screen tablet, and a laptop.
Here are some photo's of it.

I'm still here

Hey there every one. Well I know that I haven't been to good about keeping yall updated on what has been going on here on the farm, but we have been SOOOOOOOO busy that when we come in at night the last thing i want to do is get on the computer, so i thought i would get up early this morning and tell yall what has been going on. Its still dark outside =0
Yesterday we got the footer dug for  the barn foundation, and built a pad for the outdoor wood furnace we are to go get this morning. I am REALY excited about this wood furnace. It is suposed to heat the house, hot water, the shop, and the green house!!!!!!!! No more frost on the anvil in the morning when i first go to the shop in the winter!!!!!! I am not sure but I think it's a pretty good trip to go get the wood furnace, I think Dad told me that is was in Shelbyville, Tn, the trip will allow me to take a few much needed naps ;)
But before we go get the furnace, we are going to pour the concrete for the barn footer, and the pad for the wood furnace.

Here are some photo's of all the excavation work here on the farm.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

We're Workin Now!!!

Today started pretty cold and frosty here on the farm!!!! Here are some photo's I took this mornin before we started working.

A couple of weeks ago Dad ordered an underground 1,000 gallon LP tank, and we were able to get it installed today. Here is a photo run of digging the hole, installation, and filling the hole.

It took most of the day to get that done, but we hope to get started on digging out the foundation for the barn tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Getting Ready for Doc & Pete

Today I put up some electric fencing in preperation for the delivery of Doc and Pete. I spent most of the day putting up electric fencing in the field closest to the house and soon to be barn.

It was pretty chilly (34) when I got started this morning at 7:00, so I got the two most important tools of the morning!
A cup of hot coffee and a 10 pound sledge hammer!!! You see, the secret is the more coffee I drink, the faster I will swing the sledge!!! LOL

Here is a photo run of the ongoing project.

Here is our solar powered fence charger, it puts a nice electric shock to the fence!!!! Unfortunatly there is only one way to test it.

Tomorrow a gentleman will be here to dig out a small hillside for the barn, hopefully we will have the barn up.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Horses on the new farm

Dad always said that we would never buy any kind of live stock unless we were properly set up for it.... Well it just goes to show that when you say the word "never" that the words said after that will come back and bite you. LOL

Dad and I just got back from Northern Ky, buying a team of draft horses. Their names are Pete and Doc, they are full brothers, and they are part Haf Linger, part Belgian. They also came with a wagon, harness, and a horse drawn mowing machine. Here are some photo's of them.

This is Doc

And this is Pete

Mom like's Doc the best

That wagon and mowing machine all loaded. Notice that it is Dark and Raining!!!

Dad checking the load before we hit the interstate!!

When I asked him to turn around for a photo he said "Just get in the truck so we can get home" LOL

ON the road again!!!
 We were on the road for about 8 1/2 hours!!!!!! 
Doc and Pete aren't on the farm yet, but the gentleman that we bought them from is going to deliver them next Saturday!!! So I have to get some fencing up this week for them!!! 

Now, to bed with me!!!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I'v Been a'workin....

I know I haven't posted any thing on my blog for a while now but I had/have been busy!!!!! As you know we sold the old farm and found the new place, well turns out we closed early on the old place!!!!! That was a Pain!!!!!!!! LOL
Not only did we have to get all of our stuff packed and stored away, but I had that branding iron order to get done too!!!! But we were able to get it all done.... ON TIME I might add :)
We have been moved in the new place for 8 days and we have gotten a good bit done, but there is still a mountain of work to get done..... And when I say mountain, I'm talkin about Mount Everest size amount of work to get done!!!!!....... Let me give you a small list of what needs to be done.
#1 build a addition on the back of the house for a off grid kitchen with wood cook stove
#2 go deer hunting ( think that is the most important) LOL
#3 run electric from Dad's side of the shop to my side
#4 put in a divider wall between Dad's shop and mine
#5 Put up the Green house
#6 Hook up the well to the house
#7......... There's so much to get done, I forgot what #7 was =O

So as you can see we have a LOT to get done.

The other mornin I went for a walk around the farm, and I took these photo's.

With all that said about all the work that needs to be done, I shall go downstairs and get a cup of coffee and get to work.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Working in the shop

Last Friday I worked all day in the shop trying to get an order done before we pack it all up. Here is a video of me working in the shop.

I will be finishing those branding irons hopefully today.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

What's been goin on.

Hey yall, well I know it has been a while since I have posted any thing on my blog, but I am about to fix that!! LOL
 A couple of weeks ago we found out that the home inspection came through and we sold the farm!!!!! Then about a week later we found another place that we liked and made an offer on it. Thankfully they took the offer and we now have a place to go to.
 The place that we are buying consists of 70 acres, a log house, shop, and a equipment shed. Here are some photo's of it.

                                                            This is the front of the house
                                                                     Here is the pond

                                        And finally my favorite part of the place... Deer stands!!!!
Those are all the photo's I have for now, but I will have more soon.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Some thin different

As yall know, I bought a Toshiba thrive tablet, and now 14 days later it starting messing up. :(  What was wrong was the gps wouldnt work, and the browser would just shut down for no reasone.
So I took it back to Best Buy and instaed of getting another Thrive ( I found out via internet that other folks are having the same problems) I got an iPad! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Just for laughs

The other day I was play in around with the camera setting on my Toshiba Thrive, and I got these photo's. The last one is of Dad.

I know the photo's are side ways but I don't know how to turn them... oh well :)