Thursday, August 18, 2011

New Blacksmith Shop Setup, and Table!!!!!!!!

Here latley I have been doing some work out in the shop welding in the middle of the night, and I was able to completely redo my shop.
"Photo's?" you ask. Well I only have one so here it is.

Then today I fabricated a steel table to sell, but I put it in my shop and now I don't care if I sell it or not.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Favorite Time of Year!!!!!!

Well with some cooler days and nights it is a reminder for me that summer is on it's way out the door.
 So with fall on its way I have decided that fall is one of my favorite times of the year. "Why?" you ask. Well here is a list why.

#1: Cooler weather and the promise that snow will be here soon.
#2: Squirrel hunting
#3: Deer hunting
#4:Fall turkey hunting
#5: Rabbit hunting
#6: Elk hunting
   (if you can't tell it, I LOVE hunting) :)
#7: Better working conditions in the Blacksmith Shop
#8: Horse back riding
#9: Mountain Biking
#10: NO SNAKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The last reason is a big one for me!!!!! This summer I have had more run-ins with snakes than I have ever before, and close calls with poisonous snakes..... Like the water moccasin that got wrapped around my legs while I was swimming in the creek.
 The one thing I do miss about living in Mead co. is not splitting fire wood, since we have moved here I haven't even seen my favorite splitting maul. Any of yall know of some fire wood that needs split???????
 Also this summer has been so hot that I haven't even taken Jake for a ride, and now I am sure that a simple ride to the creek is going to be like a rodeo!!! LOL But that just makes for a more "fun" ride.
 Then the hunting...HMMMMMMM Just the thought of getting up at 4:30am and climbing in a deer stand sounds so good right now it makes me wish I could go forward in time. Better yet if we sell the farm here soon Dad and I just might get to go Elk hunting in Colorado this fall!!!!! So with that said I REALLY hope the farm sells soon. LOL
 Also with the cooler weather comes a happier blacksmith. Standing next to a 2,500 degree fire when it is 100 degree's outside is not fun at all......... Unless you  are a certain blacksmith that I know in Eastern KY.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Just Remembering How things used to be.

The other Day I imported some photo's to my laptop from Dad's laptop. After looking at the 1,365 photo's I imported, I decided to make a slide show.