Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Just wondering if you think I am crazy.

If building the barn and blacksmith shop wasn't enough work, I have decided to build a log cabin in the woods for me to live in.
The cabin isn't going to have any electric, or running water so it will be like living in the 1700's, but that is alright with me. Because that is the type of life stile I want to live, you know, no electric, no running water,and farming with horses. So I was wondering if you are thinking I am crazy for wanting to live this way?
I have already started clearing the land for my cabin, and I don't mean using a chain saw. I have been using a ax and a 1-man cross cut saw to cut down the tree's, but I have been using our Kawasaki Mule to skid the logs out, because of the lack of owning a teem of horses. I will post some photo's of me clearing the land for my cabin, and the building of the cabin as I make progress.
Please leave me a comment to let me know what you think.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

It finally happened....I GRADUATED!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well I can remember the first day of first grade and I can remember thinking "There is noooo way that I can endure 12 years of this" Thankfully it only took 11 years, and now I am graduated!!!!!!!!! So here are some photo's of the graduation party that Mom and Dad organized. It was supposed to be a surprise party, but it is hard to keep me from finding out things that are happening around here. LOL Here is the graduation cake that my sister Sherry made for me. It is the coolest cake I have ever seen!!!!
Here is most of the Knight family. I will name them off from left to right, Joel, Prentice, Tiffany, Malachi, and Mr. Knight.

This photo was taken when Junebug and Aunt Sharon gave me Jake!!!!!! I couldn't believe it!!

Here is Aunt Pam, Sherry, and Mam-maw.

I don't think Randy was wanting his photo taken.

Here is Scott, Holly, and Braden Cherry, enjoying some of the "graduation grub".

"It is time for a little home made music" So that's what we had for a few hours.

The Thomas family came in just as we finished playing music for the day. which was kinda a bummer because Ben ( you can just barely see his head on the top left of this photo) plays the fiddle.

By the time Ben got his fiddle out, almost every one was gone so we had a private concert.

He get really focused on what he is playing. He has been playing for 7 years now and what he played for us was great!!!!!
After every one was gone I had to go milk, so I had time to reflect on the day that I have waited 11 years for.

Time for a little fencing and I don't mean for the livestock

A few weeks ago the our good friends, the Custer family were able to come over for a visit. I had told Dave that I had always wanted to try my hand at fencing, so he brought his fencing foils along. So here are some photo's of us going at it. "Ready?????"


OK, I'm backing off now.

I am not to sure what Dave was doing, I think he was a little upset that i disarmed him, but I have to admit that he did disarm me too.

Time for a rest.... It was really hot outside and after just a few minute's I was huffing and puffing like a tired race horse. LOL After that I think we went in to cool off and get a drink, if I remember right I got ice water to cool down, and Dave got a cup of hot coffee, I don't see how that would cool a person down. Then again I'm not much of a coffee drinker so I wouldn't understand.

Now for the roof.

"Watch your step!" That's what I told Justin when he was up there, because that first step off of there is a real dosy...
Here is Gabriel taking a break in the shade. I don't blame him, because the day we were doing that the heat index was 108 f!!!!!!!!!

Finally after 2 weeks we finally had the barn under roof, as always "it took longer than we thought". LOL

Ok...I have been a little busy

If I have to guess, I would say that my loyal followers are a little put out with me for not publishing a post for so long, but as you will see... I have been a little busy. Just as Dad and I thought,we weren't able to get the barn under roof in 1 day. The photo's I have on this post was taken over the course of 2 day's. Here is the first day of raising the barn. those center post's that we were setting in this photo was 24; long!!!!!

After a few hours we finally got all the post's put up and braced.

Here is Justin working on the hay chute that we installed next the ridge of the roof.

This photo was taken on the end of day 2.

I believe every one was ready to quit for the day when we got this far in to it.