Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ok...I have been a little busy

If I have to guess, I would say that my loyal followers are a little put out with me for not publishing a post for so long, but as you will see... I have been a little busy. Just as Dad and I thought,we weren't able to get the barn under roof in 1 day. The photo's I have on this post was taken over the course of 2 day's. Here is the first day of raising the barn. those center post's that we were setting in this photo was 24; long!!!!!

After a few hours we finally got all the post's put up and braced.

Here is Justin working on the hay chute that we installed next the ridge of the roof.

This photo was taken on the end of day 2.

I believe every one was ready to quit for the day when we got this far in to it.

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