Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Just wondering if you think I am crazy.

If building the barn and blacksmith shop wasn't enough work, I have decided to build a log cabin in the woods for me to live in.
The cabin isn't going to have any electric, or running water so it will be like living in the 1700's, but that is alright with me. Because that is the type of life stile I want to live, you know, no electric, no running water,and farming with horses. So I was wondering if you are thinking I am crazy for wanting to live this way?
I have already started clearing the land for my cabin, and I don't mean using a chain saw. I have been using a ax and a 1-man cross cut saw to cut down the tree's, but I have been using our Kawasaki Mule to skid the logs out, because of the lack of owning a teem of horses. I will post some photo's of me clearing the land for my cabin, and the building of the cabin as I make progress.
Please leave me a comment to let me know what you think.


mallin mom said...

No Little Brother, I don't think you're crazy at all. I think it's great, but I'm thinking it will be really, really hot with no A/C! Looking forward to the pictures. Love ya!

dp said...

I'm reading through your blog posts from the beginning on. I just wanted to say that I think building an off-grid, rustic cabin in the woods is awesome as is your desire to farm with horses! Live your dreams!

Brenda@ASeparatePath said...

Hi Chase:

I just found your blog through your YouTube video, Life on a Self-Sufficient Farm. You are definitely NOT crazy, in fact you're not alone. Many very smart people are trying to simplify their lives and live an off-grid life. Your dream sounds wonderful, to me.

I enjoyed the farm video so much that I posted it on my blog, A Separate Path, and wrote a bit about what you're doing with blacksmithing. You can read it here, if you like:


P.S. I'm interested, too, in worm composting, organic growing, and alternative house construction, like sand bag houses, straw bale construction, and also berm houses (keep out the heat in summer). Keep researching and you will find some helpful ideas, online).

Brenda (a grandmother in Ontario, Canada)