Monday, February 14, 2011

New blog name

As the title reads I want my blog to have a new name, and I am asking all my follower for ideas. So get on your thinking caps.


OK, so I haven't been the best "blog host" for the past month or so, but I have good reasons..... I am guessing that you won't want to read my list of excuses, so I will forgo that.
"What have you been doing???" you ask. Well mostly I have been working in my blacksmith shop (Yes I did finally get it finished), and doing all kinds of work around the farm.
Let me bring you up to date of whats been going on since my last post. First off I turned 18!!!!! Its about time LOL. Also our cow (Daisy) had twin calves, one is a bull and the other is a heifer. Not to mention that I got my drivers permit!!!Also we have sold the Kawasaki Mule, and have bought a 2000 Nissan Frontier 4X4!!! Yes I will be driving it mostly. Last, but not least I have stared a website for my blacksmith shop, here is a link to it .
So as you can see, I have several good reason's (not excuses :-D) for not posting any thing on my blog, but I am sorry for not keeping up with it.