Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Shop and house work

Hey everyone!!!! Hope you guys are enjoying May, I know we are!!!
 It is super busy here on the homestead, we have been working on the house and a LOT in the shop!!
  Last week I started work on a custom fire pot for a old cast iron Buffalo forge, and a custom forge for a young man in NC. 
 Best of all I almost have the blacksmith tire hammer finished!!!!! I started that project about 4 years ago and I should have it completely finished tomorrow morning!!!
 Also we started painting the windows for the off grid house. At the time I was able to buy high quality wood Pella windows at a crazy cheap price. The only downside is all the painting we are having to do. And we both HATE painting!! Lol oh well, at least it will look really nice when we are finished!!
 I will try to post some videos of the off grid house project and the finished tire hammer later this week. 

God bless!!!!