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Hello there,

Thanks for dropping in!!!! Grab ya a cup of coffee, and sit a while. :)

My name is Chase Saxton, I am 25 years old, and I currently live "off the grid" in a house that I built debt free and from timbers harvested and milled on the homestead. My homestead is 28 acres, and is located in South Central Kentucky.

I'm a simple man, with a simple dream. Finish the house, build up my homestead, work in the blacksmith shop, get remarried, raise a family, and grow old. So with that being said, making a big wad of money isn't my goal in life, just make enough to meet my needs. I am also seeking for a Godly young woman who has the same beliefs as I do, an whom also wishes to live a more self sufficient life style.

Also I have several "hobby's", I enjoy horseback riding, playing the guitar, reading, writing (if I am in the right mood), walking the farm, hunting (for meat), and planning how I want my homestead laid out.

My favorite books include Patriots, Survivors, & Founders all by James Wesley, Rawles, The Fox Fire series, One Mans Wilderness, Three Against the Wilderness, and almost any book about homesteading.

My favorite movies and tv shows include, The Ultimate Gift, Hogans Heroes, The Avengers, Battleship, the Love Comes Softly series, Alone in the Wilderness, Survivorman, Start trek (tv and movies), the Waltons, and the Andy Griffith Show.

So that's pretty much me, and if I find out more about myself, I'll let yall know. :)


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Anonymous said...


I love your "simple" dream. I am currently living a very complicated life and am searching for a remedy. I am glad you are sharing your actions and feelings with others... I aspire to be more like you :-)