Thursday, October 13, 2011

What's been goin on.

Hey yall, well I know it has been a while since I have posted any thing on my blog, but I am about to fix that!! LOL
 A couple of weeks ago we found out that the home inspection came through and we sold the farm!!!!! Then about a week later we found another place that we liked and made an offer on it. Thankfully they took the offer and we now have a place to go to.
 The place that we are buying consists of 70 acres, a log house, shop, and a equipment shed. Here are some photo's of it.

                                                            This is the front of the house
                                                                     Here is the pond

                                        And finally my favorite part of the place... Deer stands!!!!
Those are all the photo's I have for now, but I will have more soon.


mallin mom said...

Beautiful!! So glad you got the pic of the deer stand on here (heehee). :)

Blacksmith Chase said...

Yeah that is the most important part of the place!!!!! LOL