Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I'v Been a'workin....

I know I haven't posted any thing on my blog for a while now but I had/have been busy!!!!! As you know we sold the old farm and found the new place, well turns out we closed early on the old place!!!!! That was a Pain!!!!!!!! LOL
Not only did we have to get all of our stuff packed and stored away, but I had that branding iron order to get done too!!!! But we were able to get it all done.... ON TIME I might add :)
We have been moved in the new place for 8 days and we have gotten a good bit done, but there is still a mountain of work to get done..... And when I say mountain, I'm talkin about Mount Everest size amount of work to get done!!!!!....... Let me give you a small list of what needs to be done.
#1 build a addition on the back of the house for a off grid kitchen with wood cook stove
#2 go deer hunting ( think that is the most important) LOL
#3 run electric from Dad's side of the shop to my side
#4 put in a divider wall between Dad's shop and mine
#5 Put up the Green house
#6 Hook up the well to the house
#7......... There's so much to get done, I forgot what #7 was =O

So as you can see we have a LOT to get done.

The other mornin I went for a walk around the farm, and I took these photo's.

With all that said about all the work that needs to be done, I shall go downstairs and get a cup of coffee and get to work.

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