Friday, December 30, 2011

Pouring concrete

well today was a busy day!!!!!!!
Thankfully we got the footer for the barn foundation, and wood furnace pad pourd with out any mishap.
But we weren't so lucky when it came to digging for water line...... We hit the sewer line!!!!! I hate it when that happens.
Here are some photo's that I was able to take while we were working.



Ella said...

You seem to have a very active life! I'd love to be able to work with my hands all day! Building things, (or tearing them down).

Hope y'all got everything fixed up with the sewer line.

Thanks for coming by my blog and commenting! I love comments! =]


Blacksmith Chase said...

Being active keeps me out of trouble... LOL
Well you are alway welcome to come over to my farm if you want to work with your hands.
I will be hitching up the team here soon to do the fall plowing.

Ella said...

I just might do that someday, if I'm ever up that way! Lol.

I'd probably end up taking a lot of photos though! I'm a bit of a shutterbug. =]

Blacksmith Chase said...

Well just drop me an email through my blog, when ever you come up this way.
Yeah I have been acused of taking a LOT of photo's. :)