Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Chicken Pen

For the past year or so we have been using what is called a "chicken tractor", for those who don't know, a chicken tractor is just a movable chicken coop and pen.
When we moved to the new farm, we found an old dog kennel that the preveous owners left behind. So today we put it to good use, by turning it in to a chicken pen. With this in place I don't have to move the chicken tractor every day!!!! :)


Ella said...

We used to have a dog pin like that. We kept rabbits in it.

We had chickens once also, but they were attacked by our neighbors dogs.


Blacksmith Chase said...

well a electric fencing will fix the dog problem :)

Blacksmith Chase said...
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Ella said...

I'm sure it would!

However, If we put one up, I wouldn't test it the way you did! =]

Blacksmith Chase said...

LOL. Well some one has to do it!!!!!!!! :-)