Monday, January 2, 2012

Doing a Little Fencing..... In the SNOW!!!!!!!

Well today me and Malachi put up some fencing up in the upper field, but not long after we got up there it started to snow, and the temp took a nose dive!!!!!! it got down to 30 degree's with 30 mph winds, so we stayed pretty cool.
It took us most of the day to put it up, but part of that was because of us taking a few coffe breaks!!!! That in its self is kinda funny because Malachi thinks that drinking coffee is nasty, but in this cold weather it was pretty easy to turn him in to a coffee drinker!!!!!
When we got the first strand of wire out we both looked at each other and asked "What are we going to attach the wire to?" All of the post's that were already in place were just metal t-posts, and when you put in a barbed wire fence the corner post must be wood. So we had to go back to the house and get a wooden post and some post hole diggers. Then when we got ready to start working on the post I told Malachi "I will dig the hole and you put the post in place.... Savy?" With the ground so soft it took some doing to get the post set to where the tension from the wire wouldn't pull it right up out of the ground.
Here are some photo's of us working and just some pics around the farm.


Ella said...

Nice photos! I wish it would snow here. It seems to be snowing everywhere, except here. =/


Blacksmith Chase said...

well I like the snow too, but not while I am trying to work. :) We will just pray that the snow will come your way.