Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Good Day On and off The Farm

Well I would call today a good day. Fist off I aced my drivers test, then came home and finished building the wall in the shop, picked up some trash that was blown from the tornado that hit just down the road yesterday,  and then went to the YMCA.
Building the wall was kinda fun, but it wouldn't have been with out my tablet hooked up to some speakers, playing a mix of country, rock, rap, and pop music. LOL I had those speakers turned up sooooo loud that it almost shook them right off the work bench. =O   Getting the top "bands" were the hardest to nail up, because I had to hang from the other bands, hold on to the bord with one hand and nail with the other, THAT WAS TRICKY!!!! OHHHH and one time I was nailing above my head, and I had on foot on the ladder, and the other on a metal wall band, and the ladder started moving away. SO here I am 8 feet on a ladder, and it is making me do the splits!!!!!!!! I said to my self "this is bad" then looking down to see a piece of tractor equipment below me I said "and that's worse". So I just made a jump for it, and I would have landed on my feet, but my pant leg got hung on a nail, so I landed on one foot and then on my nose!!!!!! OHHH and just so yall know, a concrete floor, and a nose don't match LOL, ahhhh it wasn't that bad, but I pulled a musle in my back from landing on one foot. I think working out at the Y helped it though...... I guess I will know by in the mornin. LOL
I REALY like the "Y"!!!! Fist I biked 5 miles, walked 3 miles on the tread mill, did 120 arm curls with 35Lb weights, did 65 chest curls with 75LB weights, then lifted 145 LB weight 10 times, then leg curled 250 LB's, then hit the hot tub and swimming pool. What was funny about the leg curls, was that there was a body builder there, and he could only lift it 3 times, then I stepp up there, and did it 10 times. Upon seeing this the body builder threw his towel in the corner and said "Well I quit" LOL. Then when I did the arm curls, a young man asked if I worked out a lot, and I said no. Then he asked if I was a carpender, agian I said "No, I am a Blacksmith". "OHHHH so you shoe horses?" he asked........I hate it when folks ask me that........ So I told him "No I DON'T shoe horses, I am a artist blacksmith, so I make stuff that you would put in your house, or gates, or iron railing, ect." I guess he was asking, because he wanted to know why I was in good shape, but don't come to the "y".
So with all that being said, I am just a little tired. lol So I will post some photo's, type an email, and GO ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

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mallin mom said...

Just hearing about all that exercising you did today is wearing me out. Nite :)