Monday, January 23, 2012

Boat Building???????

For the last few days we have had A LOT of rain!!!!! Dad and I tried to go get some building materials for the shop, but one of the roads were flooded!!!! I am starting to woner if I need to take up boat building!!!!!! =O    LOL
I will update yall on how things are going in the shop on a later date, but for now here are some photo's of the flooding.


Ella said...

Oh boy! It sure has been raining lately! Today is the first sunny day I've seen in a while! =]

Don't float off up there!

God bless,


Master Dave said...

That's a whole bunch of water!
you got a self bailing raft?

Cowboy Nick A said...

That's pretty bad! It looks like what Hurricane Irene looked like up here.