Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Working on the HOSS

Well today was a kinda wild day!!! Right after I got up and goind this moring, Dad hollered for me to come on out and help him. MAAAN I didn't even get to drink one cup of coffee :( LOL   So I went on out, and we looked at the back of the wood furnace, trying to figure out which pipes go where. Finally we got it all figured out, and hooked up.
Since we heard it was going to rain tomorrow, we got to work on filling up all the ditches that had been dug all over the farm for all the new water, and electric lines. Thankfully a friend of mine, and one of his friends came over and helped out.
With their help we were able to get it all covered up, but my shoulders and lower back are KILLING me!!!!!! So with that being said, I am going to BED!!! LOL

See Yall later


Custer Family said...

Out of all the stuff y'all have to do....block laying, electrical, and plumbing; you chose to do the PLUMBING yourself??????
I HATE plumbing!


Blacksmith Chase said...

LOL So do I, but that is what Dad wanted to do.

mallin mom said...

I love the picture of Dad tangled up in the pipe - Good one. :)