Sunday, January 1, 2012


Well today I had a joke pulled on me!!!! I hate it when that happens!!!!
My good friend Malachi, who is living with us at this time, was a little slow getting out of bed this morning. So I went on out to do chores with out him. Well as I was walking back to the house minding my own bussiness singing Amazing Grace, I all of a sudden here this big "KABOOM"!!!!! So with me having quite the quik reaction time, I hit the deck and then rolled behind the chicken coop to see who was shooting at me. The next thing I heer is Malachi laughing his head off!!!! OK so by this time I am prett ticked off. I get up and asked him what he did, and he shot a mini bottle rocket at me. That litle punk.
Tomorrow Malachi and I are putting up a barbed wire fence, so I will see if I cant get him back. ;)
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