Tuesday, January 17, 2012

working on the Shop

Well today me and Dad got to start working on my shop!!!!!!!! We started by putting up the wall that devides his shop from mine, but we didn't get it all done tonight. Hopefully I will get it finished tomorrow, and put in the wire up for my welder!!!!!
Also tomorrow I will be taking my drivers test!!!!! I will let yall know how that goes.


Master Dave said...

what are you framing with? Standard 2x4? They look bigger in the pictures.

Cowboy Nick A said...

How large will your space be? It looks big in the picture.

Blacksmith Chase said...

my shop is 28x29, it's the biggest shop I have had yet!!!!!! Yes I am using 2x4's, but that one band in the middle is a 2x6, becuase I am going to put galvanized metal up that high, and then put wood from there to the roof.