Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Life Is a streem

Last summer I would take my canoe up and down Trammel creek at least once a week. Most of the time I would go by my self, becase Dad cant row because of his bad shoulder, and most of my friends go to the lake. But being by my self I had time to think about life, and as I was heading back to the house one day I though of life like canoeing.

At times the water is slow and it seems like you are never going to get any where, then there are times when the current is so fast, that you can't see what is going on around you. Then there are the trial's of the rapids, they will test your faith and courage, and there are sand bars when you have to get out of your "confort zone"  and portage. And just as you don't know what is around the next bend, nor do you know what it will look like in the future of your life. Finally you get to the end of your journy, and get to go home. There are hardships, but pleasures, so there is nothing to do but enjoy the ride, and take in the scenery.


mallin mom said...

I agree... and beautiful pictures.

Blacksmith Chase said...

Thanks sis.

Ella said...

Beautiful photos! I'd like to try canoeing, I bet I'd flip over though... =]


Blacksmith Chase said...

well I've flipped it over a few times...... and been flipped over!!!! It isn't that hard, but it is fun!!!