Friday, January 10, 2014

Finally some snow around here

It's about time we got some snow around here!!! But we also have had to deal with some sever cold weather. 
I had built a shelter for the horses in the back pasture, but on the night when all the snow moved in, there was some extremely high winds. When I checked on them the next morning, the shelter was blown over on it's side, and was frozen to the ground!  
 For about 3-4 day's, the high never got about 9 degree's, and the creek had frozen over thick enough that I was able to walk on it!! I've lived in Kentucky all my life, and I have never seen it get and stay this cold.
Here are some photo's I took around the farm.

View from my bedroom window

2 day's after this photo was taken, this creek was frozen solid

Out feeding the horses

All the snow put a halt on the house building project.   :(

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