Monday, February 18, 2013

Making more hammers

Well I made it over to Fiery Furnace Forge Blacksmith shop, in Columbia Ky, where my good friend Dave Custer lives.
After work at my part time job in town, I headed over here so that we could forge more "Brian Brazeal" style rounding hammers, and hot cuts.
After eating a WONDERFUL supper made by his Mom, we headed down to the shop, hoping to make 2 hammers before 10:00 pm. We got off to a good start on one, but about 45 minutes into the hammer, the drift got stuck in the eye of the hammer after forging the "cheeks". After 40 minutes of trial, error and a LOT of hammering, we finally got the drift out!!!!!! So unfortunately we only got one hammer made by 10, so  that means a LOT more forging tomorrow.
Hopefully that won't happen again!!!!!

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