Saturday, February 2, 2013

Hammer and Forge

Hey yall,

Just wanted to share some photo's of a forge I just finished fabricating, and a hammer that Dave and I forged, with a handle that I custom fitted for it.

Side view showing the tong rack.

Instead of making a clinker breaker, I installed a cast iron grate.

when I first got back from Dave's, I invested in a new tool for the wood working shop, a RIGID belt sander. It has saved me a LOT of time and effort, in making the handles for the hammers.

Here are some photo's of the hammers we made, with a handle I made using the belt sander.

I currently have the forge and hammer seen in this blog post for sale on my ebay store. If you are interested, or know some one who maybe interested in purchasing one, or both of them, just email me at


Frontier Carpenter said...

I have a Ridged sander I like it. If your going to be making a lot of handles you should look into making a shaving bench, I think you would like.

The hammer looks great. I watched yours and Brian Brazeals video using that style hammer, they look to be very efficient.

Great blog!

Blacksmith Chase said...

Now, I don't know to much about wood working, so I am going to have to ask. What is a shaving bench?

Thanks, I'm glad you like my blog and video's. Those hammers are very efficient because the face is rounded.

Frontier Carpenter said...

Its just a wooden bench/vise devise that you use to hold wood in (like handles) and shave them down with a draw knife. If you go to my blog to the last post on Dutch tool chests you will see one below my tool box. For someone good with their hands like you it would be easy to make and very useful in handle construction.