Saturday, January 26, 2013

Been gone, but not on vacation.

Hey yall,

Well last Tuesday morning I hit the road for Columbia, Ky, where my good friend Dave Custer's blacksmith shop is located.

 The plan was for me to come over to his shop, and forge as many "Brian Brazeal" style rounding hammers as we could, so that we can sell them on my eBay store. Also we were able to get some coal out of an old school basement (it's where Dave gets his coal), and get some steel for some forges that I plan on making for my eBay store.

So here are some photo's of our weeks work. I don't have many photo's of us working on the hammers, but a lot of video that I have to edit.

Tempering one of the hammers.

Hardening one of the hammers

A hammer tempering, and in the background is Dave putting a ruff polish on another hammer

Well that's all the photo's I have of us making the hammers, but here are some photo's of us getting some coal.
Dave sitting on top of  large pile of coal.

We hauled out the coal via 2 5 gallon buckets at a time.

Here are the old coal boilers that used to heat the school. 

All in all, we got about 3,600 Lbs of coal, so that gave Dave and I a good coal supply that should last us for a good while.

In 4 day's we were able to make 6 hammers, get steel, and do a full day of "coal mining", so a good day's rest was welcome this Saturday.

Many thanks to Dave and his family for having me over, and as always it was a pleasure to work with Dave.

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