Thursday, March 25, 2010

CATCH THAT PIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think I have come up with a new sport, it is called MUD SKIING. If that sounds crazy, just keep reading.
Dad found out about a butcher shop that had a good reputation, and could take our pigs today. So we figured we could go get the trailer that we rent, make a make shift loading ramp, and load the pigs. We thought all that would be easy.... WRONG!!!
By the time we got the trailer to the house, it was raining a flood. So when we pulled out in the field it was pretty muddy. By the time we had the loading ramp made, I was starting to think that we should start construction on the Ark II.
Now it was time to load the pigs, by now the rain was beginning to let up, and things looked like it might go easy. Well like they say looks are deceiving, when I let the pigs out they made a mad dash AWAY from the trailer. So I walked calmly over to the pigs on mud that was slicker than a greased pig, in a effort to herd them calmly into the trailer. I think the pigs had other ideas, because when they saw the trailer it was their turn to herd me!
So after that failure, Dad went and got a 10' gate so we could keep them from running in between us. That's when the MUD SKIING came into action! I didn't know it but pigs can run.. FAST, not to mention that they were bucking and kicking like a wild bull!! So Dad and I are trying to catch up with them, and finally got them in a smaller holding pen that the trailer was backed into.
The smaller pig went right up into the trailer, but the bigger sow had obviously seen this movie before. So in a wild attempt to escape the large red trailer, the old sow decided to make a mad dash under the corn crib! It took a while to convince her that the trailer wasn't going to hurt her.
The trip to the butcher shop was quite peaceful, and even our GPS didn't try to make us drive into a corn field or have us go down a 1 way street, THE WRONG WAY.
So out of all our trouble we will have pork for a whole year, and I made a new sport. I think we will do this again next year. Does anyone want to join us?


mallin mom said...

I don't want to join you for your new sport, but let me know if you do it again and I'll bring a video camera!! :)

Hammer On said...

OH come on. All you have to do is hold onto the pigs tail, and keep your feet forward. Its that easy, and if you don't believe, me ask Dad.

Brian said...

We did that the first year we did pigs! We got one in the trailer but the other got out of the pen. At one point my 250 pound uncle was chasing a 250 pound hog, full speed, across the yard. He didn't catch it! LOL We finally got it into the trailer by joint effort though! LOL
Sooo hey I'm in! Call me up when it's loading time, and I'll be on the videoing side of that camera!


Hammer On said...

Sorry, that job has already been taken by my big sister, but you can join me in MUD SKIING!!