Thursday, April 5, 2012

Stuff made in the shop

Hey yall,

Well since I have finished my forge, I have been working all day for several day's,  mostly I have been practicing techniques, but I have made several pieces.   "Photo's?" you ask, well here they are.

Heart shaped hook

Leaf key chain

split cross

Rail Road Spike Tomahawk
After making that tomahawk, I couldn't resist throwing it at a tree, and the first time, it stuck!!!!


Cowboy Nick A said...

Those are real nice, especially the tomohawk. Can you make stuff like Dave does? Also, what can a blacksmith not make that is necessary?

Blacksmith Chase said...

Dave has gone to a LOT more classes on blacksmithing, and has the help of 2 power hammers. So with that being said, I can pretty much make any thing he can make, but it may take me a bit longer, but Dave has shared some of the knowledge he learns at the classes.
I don't really understand your last question. A Blacksmith can make just about any object that is forged from metal, but NOT cast. Casting metal is a WHOLE nother craft.

1HappyWife said...

I love the heart :)!

"Cowboy"Nick's Mom

Nikki said...

I loved your heart hook. That is really neat.

Cowboy Nick A said...

I guess I was just wondering if it's possible to make everything necessary to live as far as tools when you are a blacksmith. And I'm sorry if you thought I was comparing you to Dave. You do very nice work. I really liked the cross. Also, you mentioned casting. Is it possible to do that on a personal scale?

Blacksmith Chase said...

Hey yall,

Thanks for the GREAT comments, I am glad yall like the heart hook.
Nick, there is no need to apologize. Yes a blacksmith can make pretty much any and every thing you need to live. Any thing is possible if you are willing to work at it, and learn from mistakes. That is how I learned how to blacksmith, trial and error. Here is a link to a video on casting on a small scale,

Blacksmith Chase said...
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