Saturday, June 16, 2012

Laptop Replacement and some good news

Remember me saying that I was having a ton of problems with my HP laptop?
Well Office Depot took it back, and gave me a instore credit!!!!!! Since I REALLY needed some kind of laptop/tablet, I got the Asus Transformer prime!!!!! I love this thing, the docking station turns it into a laptop, and when it isn't attached to the dock, its a tablet!!!!! cool huh?? I will try to upload some photo's of it some time.

So hopefully I can start back to blogging on a regular basis!!!!!!!

OH YEAH!!! I ALMOST FORGOT!!!!!! I have decided to go ahead and take my GED test. Last week I took the pretest, and I did 4 of the tests in about one half of an hour (they usually take 1 hour EACH) and they said that I made one of the highest scores they have seen in a long time. I only got 8 wrong out of a 130 question test Needless to say, I was happy. Just hope I do that good on the REAL TEST!!!!!!! I will keep yall up to date. wish me luck!!!!



Gail Gardner said...

Nice team - and great work on the GED. Personally, IMHO, a man who has actual skills is more valuable than someone with degrees and no talents or common sense.

Cowboy Nick A said...

I like tablet laptop combinations! Congrats on the GED!

Ella said...

That's really awesome about your GED pretest. I got my GED in late 2010. Now I'm just entering my second term in college. I'm studying medical laboratory technology. =]