Monday, April 26, 2010

What a MOVE!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry that I haven't added any new post's, but it has been a long and hard move back to BG.

The BIG move was about two weeks ago. Our friend Aron was able to get us a 24' Penske truck to move all the indoor stuff. With that size truck we thought we would get it all done in one lode, right...WRONG!!! First of all the truck was pretty tall and we didn't consider the height of the covered bridge...OOPS It got wedged inside the bridge, half of the truck was inside and the other half outside. So we wouldn't damage the bridge we had to deflate the tires in order to make the truck shorter so we could back the truck back out. PLAN B... We repaired the ford that went around the bridge so we could try to drive the truck AROUND the bridge. Thankfully it made it with out any problems.

Next was the task of loading the truck, we figured it would take about 4 hours, and that was at 4:00 pm. 6 Hours later (10:00) we FINALLY had the truck loaded and ready to go, and it was only 12:30 am when we go home. It is easy to say that every one agreed that we should wait until Later on in the morning to unload.

There was still allot of stuff left to get, and it took several trailer loads to get it all, and even while I am typing this post, we still have the tractor and grader blade still up there. Hopefully it will be down here by the end of this week.

Also I want to say thanks to all who helped us move, and I am sure all of you will be glad to here that Dad said that the next time we move we will hire it out...


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