Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Just a little "down" time on the farm

Talk about some kind of tired!!!!   Finally with some "down" time from carpentry work, I was able to get some much needed work done around here.  With my weather channel app saying that it was going to rain around 1:00, I figured I best work in the garden. So I tilled the whole garden (most of which hasn't been planted yet), then planted some green beans. By that time it started raining, so I headed into my shop to do some MUCH needed organizing and cleaning. By about 3:00 the rain had passed, so I planted   some Beets, Lettuce, Lima beans, and 5 rows of corn. All of which was heirloom seeds (non GMO). By the time I called it quits it was 8:00...... Talk about a full day!!!!! After this little "break", I'm ready to get back to WORK!!!!!!!!!! LOL

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