Thursday, December 26, 2013

Running the Sawmill for the First Time

Well today was a exciting day.
This morning Dad and I got up early so that we could move the sawmill up to the building site, and skid a log up there while the ground was still frozen.
Moving the mill was easy, since it's a portable mill, but moving the log took a little more planning.
 Since we don't have a tractor, or any heavy equipment to skid logs with, I figured my truck would be able to pull them. My truck is a Dodge 1500 4x4 with a 5.2 V8, so I figured that it would have more than enough power to pull the logs, but Dad wasn't all to sure.
 Thankfully though, with the truck in 4 wheel drive low lock, it was able to skid the 10 foot log easily enough. I'm not sure though how many more logs we will skid like that, since it really tears up the ground. I am thinking of building a skid to set the front end of the log on so that it doesn't tear up the ground so bad.

Enough said, here's some pics of today's work.

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