Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Yes, I'm still here

Hey there everyone. 
I'm sorry about not posting anything for a long time, but life has thrown a few curve balls at me.
Not sure if I have told yall here on my blog, but about 7 months ago, I quit my job working at the boat shop, and started my own online business. My business name is "Ky Homestead Supply", I have both a eBay and Amazon store, but eBay is where I sell most of my products.
 I know that I posted a video about Quad State, but here are a few photo's I took while there. 
Our Selling Booth

The Camp site

This Dragon was set up next to our booth. It was a amazing piece of work.

I really enjoyed the demonstrations by Brian Brazeal.
Now our camp site was about 100 feet from a vet clinic, where there must have been 20 dogs that wouldn't ever shut up.  After a night of 1 hour sleep, I drank a lot of coffee that day, and then slept in my truck the next night.
You might be a Kentucky red neck if.....
 The next morning, a few men from surrounding camp sites asked me if I was from Kentucky or Tennessee LOL.
Over all I had a great time at Quad State, and hope to go back next year.
 When we got home though, my friend, Dave Custer and I parted way's, after a severe disagreement on how business between us in making hammers should be conducted, but I couldn't agree with the way he conducted his business. It ended in loosing a friend, this saddens me, as I have never lost a friend. 
 In a way though, parting way's with Dave, has been a good thing. It has made me learn more about what a real friend is, and made me a better blacksmith.

Also I ask that you please keep my Dad in your prayers, 2 weeks ago, he suffered a mini stroke behind his left eye, and has lost a good bit of sight. He will go back for a check up on the 31st, and will find out if he can start driving again or not.

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