Monday, April 25, 2011


As the title says "UUUUUGGGGGGG".
 I finished my first week work at the Mennonite community, and it was a good week. One day I cut up to 180 boards with a hand saw!!!!! MAN OH MAN, was my arm tired by the end of the day!!!!!On payday I was paid in cash, and $200 of that was in $1 bills!!!!!!! LOL That was a WAD of cash.
Now this morning I woke up with a sinus head ache, and runny nose, I just figured it was allergy's, so I went on to work. But around 1:00 I started having chills and was getting dizzy, and weak. I called Dad and told him that I didn't feel well, and my strength was all but gone.
 When I got home I found out I had a low grade fever. So I have a nice head cold with allergy's on top of it, hopefully I will be able to go to work tomorrow, because........well I would like to have the $$$$$$$$ LOL
So I got to get some rest,

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