Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Well today was a different kind of day. First off, our neighbor Ron called and said that 6 of his Black Angus calves had gotten out and needed help getting them back in. So Dad and I helped out, and we both ran about 1 mile chasing a CRAZY calf over the hill, and though the woods........ Isn't there a child's poem that starts like that...LOL We got 4 in, 1 got away from us, and the other we haven't even seen.
 After that Dad went to Bowling Green, and I worked in the shop. Well about 3 hours latter Ron calls again and said that he found one of the calves and need some help. Not having my drivers licence and not having a car, I jumped on my bike and pedaled about 1.3 miles (I haven't been on my bike in about a year), and then ran like a mad man (Like I am) chasing this calf once again down the road. After about 1 mile of very vigorous running he got away once again, and we haven't seen him since.
So I had quit the day......And I will probably get to do it all again tomorrow, for I promised Ron that I would help him look for those other 2 in the morning, and then help him move the other 4 back to his farm.
 I am absolutely whore out and I have to get up EARLY in the morning.......So why am I on the computer typing........I haven't a clue

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