Monday, May 23, 2011

Does any one have some extra gun powder?????????

So I might be called a little crazy at times, but I need about 15 pounds of black gun powder. Why you ask........... Well I you might not want to know, but if you have to know, I need it to blow up this.

This log jam is making it VERY hard to go down the creek. SOOOOOOOO I know of only 1 way to get it out, and that is to blow it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So if you live with in 100 miles of Alvaton, and you hear a loud boom, you know where it came from. :)

LOL Just kidding, but I do need to figure out how to get rid of this log jam. Any ideas?????


mallin mom said...

Bonfire? I'll bring the chocolate and marshmallows :)

Master Dave said...

Hmmm actually about a pound would do the trick. A good reliable fuse it the difficult part. In case you were wondering, bailer twine rubbed in soaking wet black powder and then left to dry, usually works pretty good. Don't ask how I know!

Blacksmith Chase said...

I shall ask...... How do you know????????