Thursday, May 26, 2011

My First MIG Weld, and NEW Forge Idea

Well after Dad and I got the welder set up........... Well actually I set it up while Dad read the book on how to set it up. LOL We started up the welder and I got to use it first!!!!!!  "Photo's??????" you ask..... OF COURSE!!!!!!!
OK. So my first MIG weld looks like a cat crawled up there and used the bathroom. :(   BUT..........
This one looks pretty dog-gone good!!!!!!!!

So What will be my first project with the welder???????? Well how about a new forge??? A few months ago I was thinking of building a mobile forge so on hot summer days I could move my work out side under a shade tree. Then I figured that it would cost to much, but the last time I was a metal supply in Columbia, Ky my good friend Dave talked me in to buying the steel for the new forge. So because I listened to Dave I left there owing Dad $50.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  OHHHH WELL. That was about 5 months ago, and that metal has been just laying around the shop, and makes a good thing for me to stub my toes on. Well today I got out the now rusting metal, and started drawing a design.
HMMMMM. The drawing looks like something off of Mythbusters!!! LOL I would LOVE  to have their jobs!!!!.......... OK back to the forge. Now that we have a welder that I can use, I will be making my first mobile forge. I like the design. What about you???????
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