Friday, May 27, 2011

New Welding Table!!!!!!!!

Dad and I worked on making our new welding table, it took us about 6 hours to weld it up. Dad isn't used to using the MIG welder yet, and every other time he finished a weld, he would say 1of 2 things. 1"That looks like a cat crawled up there and used the bathroom." or he would say "I can do better with the stick welder". Either way he used just the MIG welder, and we got it done.
Here are some photo's of the making of it.
                                                      That is some BRIGHT light!!!!!!!!!
                                                            Checking to see if it is level.

                                                    Now I got to cut the last piece of metal.
Last weld!!!!!!!
                  The finished product!!!!! setting up right was pretty hard, just the top weighs 258 Lbs.!!!!!!!

It looks good next to the new welder, now I shall start on my new mobile forge, I hop to get started on it this Sunday.

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