Thursday, May 26, 2011

I Can't Get OUT!!!!!!!

Last night we had a pretty strong storm hit our area, and thankfully we didn't have any damage, BUUUUUUUUUUTTTT........... When I went to the barn to find the cordless skill saw, I found this instead.

So when I saw this I called Dad and said "We need clean up on isle 7." and he said "What?????" I told him that it was time to fire up the chain saw, so we got to do a little tree cutting. OHHH I almost forgot to mention that this tree was covered in poison Oak!!!!!!!!!!! Excuse me while I scratch my back against the bed post...........
After we got it cleaned up we asked our neighbor Ron if he would push a dead tree over for us with the front end loader of his tractor, since the tree that fell over the road pushed it over a little. He came over and tried, but on the forth try we heard a LOUD "SNAP" from the front end loader!!!!!!!!!! From what I could tell we/he sprung the hydro cylinders on the tractors front end loader!!!!!!! I am hoping this will be a easy fix, but I am not so sure.
Then after that Dad and I did a little finish work, Dad wanted to cut this little tree that was bent over, while I walked up the road, and picked up limbs. I was about 100 yards out when I heard another "SNAP" and then a "UGGGGG!!!!!"!!!!!!! So I cut out running and found Dad lying on the ground. Apparently the tree had snapped backwards when he cut it, and when it did it hit Dad in the side of his left knee!!!!! OUCH!!!!! I think he will be ok, just a little sore in the mornin.

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mallin mom said...

Ouch is right, hope Dad is not too sore from this!