Monday, June 20, 2011

Back from JCCFS!!!!!

Hey yall!!!! Well I am back from beutiful NC where I took a week long class in blacksmithing at John C Campbell Folk School, or better nown as JCCFS.
I was a nice trip getting there, along the way we drove along the Occee River, were we saw alot of folks white water rafting, it looked lik fun.
Here are some photo's of the trip over there.
 Going through good ol' Nashville.
 And verry happy to get out in the country.
 The Occoee lake.
 It was a verry eventful trip. LOL I think Dave got tired talking about blacksmithing.
When we go to the cabin I tried to take some photo's of the cabin and Dave was tryin to take a photo of me, so I took one of him.
Now here are some photo's of when we got to the blacksmith shop.
 Here is Dave at his forge, not goofing off for a change. LOL
 I told Dave not to take any photo's of me so I came at him with a fire poker, sword fighting style. LOL
 Here is our instructor at his forge getting ready to tell us what to do, besides burn metal up.
 Dave did a little practice piece.
 The enstuctors tools didn't fit in this treadle hammer, so he asked Dave to file it out a little bit.
 "OOOOOOPPSS!!" He filed it a little to much. OH well Dave, better luck next time. :)
 Back to the forge.
 Dave has been telling me how great a power hammer is ever since he used one at JCCFS, I wasn't convinced..... Untill I used this little butey called the Little Giant.

 I have NO idea why Dave gave me this face.....
 Dave asked me to do some striking for him, so I grabed the sledge hammer and went to work, but.......
I got tired of him telling me that I was doing it wrong. LOL
At the same time Dave and I were working in the blacksmith shop, Dave's dad, and my Dad was learning how to make a casket by hand, they said it about killed them.
This is the only photo that I have of the casket class.
after Supper Dave and I got to wash the dishes.

Dad made to many french fries, and Dave got to finish the last dozen, he said it was about to kill him. LOL We were all cheering him on, and he did it, but when we were on our down hill walk to the school, he said that he could just roll down the hill. LOL
Near the end of the week Dave got a nick name.

LOL LOL I thought it was kinda funny. :)
On the last day of the class we took a class photo shoot in front to the Blacksmith Shop.

We had to stay an extra day, so that the caskets would get mostly finished.
Here are some photo's of Dave trying to get out of the trailer after carried them in there.

He said that it was a little warm in there, but I thought he liked the heat????? LOL!!!!!
 The return trip was just as exiting as was the last.
All in all it was a good trip, I will have photo's of what I made at JCCFS soon, hopefully tomorrow.
 Here is some REALLY good news. The first day we were there Dave and I took a mid-day break at what is called the Kieth House (it is like the community house) I went to the office and talked to the ladies there about a scholarship, and after a brief conversation, I left with a scholarship application. The next morning, Dave and I stopped by the Kieth house to check some important emails, when one of the ladies from the office came to me and said that she had some thing that I might be interested in. Well it turned out that she was wanting to give me what is called a teachers resource, and here is what that is. When ever a instructor teaches a class the give him a free class with room and board, all he has to pay is $120 and the materials cost of what ever he makes. Well it seams that this one instructor wasn't going to use his, so he called JCCFS and told them to give it away. So she said that when this came up they immediately thought of me, and wanted to know if I was interested, and it just so happened that one of the classes that this resource was good for was one that I wanted to take anyways!!!!!!!!!!!!! It gets even better. Dave will be attending the same class!!!!
 So now I have a lot of work to get done before I leave.

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