Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Blacksmithing, snakes, and up the creek..... with a paddle

Well Yesterday I finally got to do some blacksmithing today, and was it ever HOT!!!!!!! Have I ever told any one that I hate summer????? The other day Dad and I went to Lowe's to buy a barrel bolt for the barn door, and when Dad saw how much they wanted for the size we needed he just about passed out!! LOL So I just had to open my mouth and say that I could make one of those in a few minutes.....OOPS So he said that I was to make him one......... SOOOOO I spent about an hour making him a what he wanted, sorry no photos of it, I didn't think about it. About the time I quit I looked at the thermometer in the shop, and it said that it was 102 degree's!!!!!

So after that I cooled down by going to the creek for a swim, and just when I had stepped in to the water, I looked down and there was a Water Moccasin at my feet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Apostle Peter doesn't have any thing on me..... I RAN ON THAT WATER!!!!!!! I there is any thing I hate more than summer it is snakes, poisonous ones at that. So with that being said the swim was off, instead I just go the canoe out and went paddling up stream for several miles and then floated back down. When I was paddling up stream I just stood up in the center of the boat in stead of sitting in the floor, but when I was coming back down I sat on the very back seat. For some odd reason :) the front of the boat was in the air a little bit, so on the slow parts of the creek I paddled as hard as I could, and was able to get the front of the canoe pretty high in the air, just like a speed boat. I wish some one could have been there to take a video, I bet it looked a little funny.

Here are some photo's I took while canoeing.

When I was driving back to the house I had the truck speakers blaring with country music, and when I drove by Jake's paddock he was shaking his head up and down to the beat of the music. LOL I guess he likes country.

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Anonymous said...

Wow Chase, what a day!!!