Friday, June 10, 2011

CRUNCH TIME!!!!!!!!!!

Well we will be leaving for John C Campbell Folk School EARLY Sunday morning, and Dad and I have A LOT, I meant A LOT of things to get done before then. Right now I am eating pizza, and when I am finished Dad and I will be heading back up to the shop to finish the chicken coop, we will probably be working up there till 12:00-2:00 in the morning........... I hate workin over time. LOL
  I am really looking forward to going to JCC and learning some new techniques, and the really good part is that I will get to go with my friend Dave Custer( Dave's Blog). He has warned me of a forge at the school that will smoke up every time you fire it up, and I am afraid that Dave will trick me in to using that forge........ So Dave if you are reading this, I wouldn't do that if I were you..... LOL
  Here is a photo of what I want to make.

  Well the pizza is gone so I got to go work, so I can get some sleep.


Blacksmith Chase said...

Well we stayed up till 2:30 am and still didn't finish that chicken tractor!!!!! GRRRRRRR

mallin mom said...

Late late night! I'm sure you all will get things wrapped up today. Have a safe, fun, and educational trip! Love you all :)

Blacksmith Chase said...
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Anonymous said...

Have a fun and learn a lot on your trip Uncle Chase and Pa! Love,