Thursday, June 2, 2011

Garden Beds!!!!!

For the past week I have been building some raised garden beds out of wood, I built the last one today, and we were able to get Prentice Knight to come over with his skid steer. That way Dad and I didn't have to shovel all the dirt in the beds. Some might call us lazy because of that, but I have had my fill with a shovel. LOL
The dirt was behind the barn, so I had to move the fence so Jake wouln't  get out.
 Here is Dad showing showing Prentice how he wants the dirt moved in the beds.
 Here are the beds, filled and ready for planting.
 This one here is just a small one Dad had me put up at the last minute, he said that he is going to put tomatoes there. That way the fence will act as a tomato cage. I am not convinced that it will work.
I was going to plant some stuff in them this evening, but I have some blacksmith work I need to do. If I think of it I will take some photos of what I am making in the shop.
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