Monday, June 6, 2011

Herb Garden

The other day Dad and I started on a raised garden bed for herbs, we built it out of old RR ties, and was pretty easy to build.

A pile of dirt, time to start shoveling.
 This drill is older than me, and just about vibrated my teeth out!!!!!
 The ties were a little long, so Dad had to cut them off.
 After a days work we got it finished, and even got the herbs planted.

I think it looks pretty good, we put it right behind the "turn around area of the drive way, and with my luck I will probably back in to the herbs and flowers!!!!! hahahahaha


Anonymous said...

That will be so nice! I'm afraid my herb/flower garden tends to be rather wild and unruly.

Anne (dp's wife)

Blacksmith Chase said...

I like the way it turned out, but it is behind a turn around area of our drive way, and with my luck I will back the truck in to it. hahahahahaha I know what you mean about herb gardens getting wild, the last herb garden I planted got soooo wild that I just took the bushhog to it.